Kabar Magazine – My Submissions

There’s a new magazine in town called “Kabar” – geared towards the English speaking residents of Indonesia, but not necessarily expats. I’ve been in contact with the editor, a very cool cat named Avi, and have contributed some material for this month’s issue. If you happen to see the magazine around (bookstores, cafes, hotels, fitness clubs?), you may recognize the cover – the blue warung boards I shot a few weeks ago. Inside, there’s an article with photos that I submitted as well.

If anyone has seen the magazine, drop me a line! (I haven’t seen the new issue yet).

On another note, I spent the day yesterday formulating some ways to help a local orphanage. I may need some help brainstorming a plan, but I think it could be a wonderful way for us to ‘give back’. More on this later today or tomorrow.