First week back

Back in Jakarta. Clear head. Stress reduced. Repackaged.

Despite rolling into Jakarta’s smog and absurd traffic within minutes of landing on Saturday, I was surprisingly able to maintain a positive outlook. The summer away was the perfect drug for starting fresh. I’m going to try my best to view Jakarta with the fresh eyes that I had over six years ago, and ‘go with the flow’ to the best of my ability. I used to be able to observe even the frustrating scenarios with interest and acceptance; that changed over the years. I’m working on getting back to that frame of mind.

This will be a year of change, self-improvement, future planning, and appreciation. Or so I say.

Finally got back in the gym last night after a four month hiatus, and ow, I’m feeling it. Tomorrow will feel even worse – but in a good way. Four months is far too long to allow yourself to drop out of a workout routine, and this is the farthest out of shape I’ve been; not a good feeling. Conversely, allowing myself to fall out of shape to this extent has suddenly triggered that obsessive side of myself that will push me to succeed in my fitness goals. I’m looking for one of those Garmin fitness watches that track distance, heart rate, etc. If anyone knows where to find one in Jakarta, please let me know.

I’ve also decided to take up Muay Thai boxing. I’d like to be more efficient in throwing around my 100kg, rather than always grinding away with the iron and treadmills. Will update once I get going.

Back at work, I’m wading through 1484 messages in my inbox. Drowning may be a more appropriate term. Many of my good friends have left in a mass exodus that occurred last year; it’s not the same place without them, but I’ll make the best of things.

Oh, and happy birthday to me; my seventh celebrated in this city, and sixth celebrated with Novita. 😉