Reflection on Manila

I’ve been insanely busy this month as you may have deciphered from my lack of posting. The past three weeks have been a torrent of stress and work; but in the end it’s all worth it. At least I have some vacations coming up – 9 days in Bali at the end of March and 5 days in the 1000 islands (Pulau Seribu) in April. I was in Manila, Philippines last week for a few days – returning on MondayRead more

Getting back on the grid

I’ve been on holiday for over three weeks now, since I’m online much of the work day, I thought I’d take a break from the internet, hence my recent lack of posting. We decided to stay in Jakarta for the entire break this year, mainly because I’ve been trying to be more financially responsible (skip the next few words), and prioritized the purchase of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (still need to sell my 5D), but also because weRead more

First week back

Back in Jakarta. Clear head. Stress reduced. Repackaged. Despite rolling into Jakarta’s smog and absurd traffic within minutes of landing on Saturday, I was surprisingly able to maintain a positive outlook. The summer away was the perfect drug for starting fresh. I’m going to try my best to view Jakarta with the fresh eyes that I had over six years ago, and ‘go with the flow’ to the best of my ability. I used to be able to observe evenRead more