Jakarta Floods 2007

Wow. What an experience that turned out to be. My last posting was written during the first day of rain when Kelapa Gading (my area in the north side of Jakarta) was flooded but still functioning. Things went quickly downhill from there. That night, torrential rains began falling and continued throughout the night. My wake up call came in the form of my air conditioner shutting off due to the power being cut. My initial reaction to that is toRead more

Floods in Jakarta

When I heard the downpour around 4am this morning, I had no idea how bad it really would be. The city is drowning as we speak, under the torrential rains of these past two days. Some areas of Jakarta are under more than 6ft of water. People are using rafts to get around, and some have become stranded. One of the worst things is that the vile canals have mixed in with the floodwaters, creating a potentially toxic, soupy messRead more

The Monk, my Neighbor, and a Celebrity O.D.

So the other night I pulled into my neighborhood. Driving down the palm lined street, I came to an intersection loaded with people, media vans, and police. I had no idea what was going on, but living in Jakarta for half a decade has taught me to hide my white-ass when I come upon such a scenario. I put up the heavily tinted windows of my Honda, and after I arriving home forgot the entire thing. The next night, IRead more

Allan "Buck" Forslund: 1952-2006

The following was a tribute written and read by Tracey Reed during the memorial service held Friday, December 8 in memory of Buck Forslund: Buck. How do you capture in words the essence of such a man? How do you express the presence he brought into a room, the life in his body, the joy he gave, his strength of character, his wit, that competitive sporting nature that came with large lashings of grace? How can I explain how aRead more