Floods in Jakarta

When I heard the downpour around 4am this morning, I had no idea how bad it really would be. The city is drowning as we speak, under the torrential rains of these past two days. Some areas of Jakarta are under more than 6ft of water. People are using rafts to get around, and some have become stranded.

One of the worst things is that the vile canals have mixed in with the floodwaters, creating a potentially toxic, soupy mess that’s entering people’s homes.

I attempted to go to work this morning in my Honda, before receiving the call that work was canceled. On the way to pick up my colleague in my own complex, I found myself in water up to the bottom of my car doors, and had to reverse and turn around. Luckily, the complex we live in is a bit higher than other parts of Kelapa Gading, but eerily only a few feet above sea level. If I venture out on foot, I’ll be in floodwaters waist high in only a kilometer from my home – basically we’re stuck, but we’re fortunate to have clean water, electricity, and all other services.

I feel terrible for those people downtown or in other outlying areas that are experiencing flooding in their homes. Novita’s brother’s home has water 2 meters high within his home right now. But as I said – it’s not strictly rainwater; it’s a mix of sewage, garbage, chemicals, and other indescribable filth.

I heard that one of our other colleagues walked through some of the water up to his knees and in only a short time his legs were burning from whatever was in the water.

Indonesia simply cannot get a break from tragedy these past few years.

Foolishly enough, I’m getting ready to go out and attempt to take some pics and video of the flooding. I know. I’m truly not bright at times. More to come.


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