Super Typhoon Parma threatens the Philippines – Category 4 could turn to 5

Super Typhoon Parma threatens the Philippines. Less than one week ago, typhoon Ketsana (or Ondoy) devastated Manila and Luzon. Relief work is struggling with the carnage caused by Ketsana. Here’s a fact for you: “At one point, 80% of Manila was under water after experiencing the heaviest rainfall in 40 years.” So when I came across this information, it seems the prospect of another tragedy is increasing. “Super Typhoon Parma intensified dramatically early this morning, forming a tiny “pinhole” eyeRead more

Donate to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Manila, Philippines

Imagine: Your children missing, being forced to drink from typhoid-infested flood waters, having your children experience life-threatening diarrhea and fevers that without treatment could prove fatal, losing everything you own, having nothing at all to feed your loved ones for days on end, and looking into your child’s eyes, knowing you may not be able to provide for them. Now, imagine your own life and how fortunate you are. How lucky you are to have clothes on your back, aRead more

Donations for Philippine’s flood victims from tropical storm Ketsana (Ondoy)

With over 240 people having died in tropical storm Ketsana, and 450,000 people displaced, hopefully those more fortunate may begin donating aid and assistance. Those living overseas who would like to donate, please let me know. I’ll be donating money and supplies this week. If you’re living in Makati, there are multiple drop off points, many along Dela Costa. If you know of more drop off points, please let us know in the comment section.Read more

Flooding Videos from Makati, Manila – Sept. 26, 2009 – Tropical storm, Ondoy

I managed to take some video clips of the Manila flooding as a result of the tropical storm, Ondoy. These videos were taken in Makati, Manila near Jupiter and Makati Ave. I used my Canon 5D2 to take the videos, but had to reduce the quality from 1080p to YouTube resolution. This last video was filmed by another Twitter contact elsewhere in Manila. As I was posting this, a large power transformer or power line just blew up 1/4 ofRead more

Manila flooding September 26, 2009

Manila is experiencing torrential rains and the Makati area is flooding quite badly. From my high rise, I can see many cars attempting to drive with water up to the top of their windows, and others ‘swimming’ in the waters – literally floating without any ability to steer. I’ve just taken photos and video with my Canon 5D mk II. I’ll be posting the video soon, but here are a few photos taken from a much lower vantage point:Read more

Massive explosion and fire in Plumpang near my home in North Jakarta / followed by flooding

At about 9:20pm, Sunday January 19 a massive explosion occurred at the Pertamina fuel depot behind my housing complex. I was speaking with Novita when the shockwave rocked my home, with a sound as if a linebacker had put his shoulder into my door. My first thought was of thunder or an earthquake. But then I realized it was an explosion. Walking out onto my balcony confirmed that thought – the sky was pulsating with a deep crimson. Huge flamesRead more