Super Typhoon Parma threatens the Philippines – Category 4 could turn to 5

Super Typhoon Parma threatens the Philippines.

Less than one week ago, typhoon Ketsana (or Ondoy) devastated Manila and Luzon. Relief work is struggling with the carnage caused by Ketsana. Here’s a fact for you: “At one point, 80% of Manila was under water after experiencing the heaviest rainfall in 40 years.”

So when I came across this information, it seems the prospect of another tragedy is increasing.

“Super Typhoon Parma intensified dramatically early this morning, forming a tiny “pinhole” eye (Figure 1) only seen in very intense tropical cyclones. The last Atlantic hurricane to form a pinhole eye was Hurricane Wilma, the strongest Atlantic hurricane of all time. Parma’s outer spiral bands are already beginning to spread over the eastern positions of the Philippines, and beginning Friday will likely bring 2 – 4 inches of rain to the regions hard-hit by Typhoon Ketsana, including the capital of Manila. More seriously, the super typhoon may make landfall along the northeastern portion of Luzon Island in the Philippines on Saturday as a Category 4 or 5 typhoon.”

An additional 12+ inches of rain falling on soils already saturated from Ketsana’s rains would likely cause severe flash flooding and major landslides capable of killing hundreds.”