Lion Air Passenger Plane Crashes in Bali [Photo]

A Lion Air plane just made a water landing after missing the runway in Bali, Indonesia. [Jakarta Globe]   I used to fly Lion Air and Adam Air but never again. These type of incidents are simply far too common and is why nearly all Indonesian airlines are banned from Europe. When in Indonesia I choose to fly Air Asia now back and forth to Bali and Jakarta. At this point, I don’t believe Air Asia Indonesia has had anyRead more

Solar eclipse as seen from Jakarta

Java, Indonesia experienced a solar eclipse January 26, 2009 which just happened to coincide with the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately I didn’t have my lenses or my Canon 5D mk II. Had to make due with my 40D and an 85mm with no filters or special equipment. Hope I didn’t damage my sensor! Canon 40D | 85mm @ f/10 | 1/2000 sec | ISO 100Read more

Massive explosion and fire in Plumpang near my home in North Jakarta / followed by flooding

At about 9:20pm, Sunday January 19 a massive explosion occurred at the Pertamina fuel depot behind my housing complex. I was speaking with Novita when the shockwave rocked my home, with a sound as if a linebacker had put his shoulder into my door. My first thought was of thunder or an earthquake. But then I realized it was an explosion. Walking out onto my balcony confirmed that thought – the sky was pulsating with a deep crimson. Huge flamesRead more

Free trip to Indonesia! If you are a travel blogger check this out. Pesta Blogger 2008

The Indonesian government will invite five foreign bloggers on a round trip to Yogyakarta and Bali as part of the Pesta Blogger 2008. The bloggers are from the United States, China/Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. The blogging trip is a novel activity for the Pesta Blogger, the largest national-scale bloggers’ gathering in Indonesia. The five bloggers would start their trip in Bali on November 17 before going to Yogyakarta and Jakarta. The U.S. Embassy is also one of theRead more

Jakarta prepares for extreme tidal waves and flooding

From the US Embassy in Jakarta: (I live only about 2-3km from the ocean) U.S. Embassy Jakarta U.S. Consulate General Surabaya U.S. Consulate Medan Warden Message – Tidal Flood May 30, 2008 The US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, informs American citizens that the World Bank warned that a record high tide is likely to flood North Jakarta next week. The tides are expected to be at an 18-year high and World Bank experts predict that flood waters could be upRead more