Site has been down due to Dreamhost problems

Just a quick note – this blog has been down 4 times in the past three weeks due to my webhost, Dreamhost, encountering problems. This past downtime has been over 48 hours – which is quite alarming. I’ll be investigating other webhosts as coincidentally my renewal with Dreamhost is up in two weeks. I’ve been using their services since 2006 with mostly positive support but this is simply not acceptable. If you have recommendations for other hosts, please drop meRead more

Redesigned and sterilized

In order to completely rid myself of the malware plaguing this blog for over a week, I took dramatic action: reinstalling WordPress and installing a completely different theme, rather than try to fix the other. Dreamhost has been very little help and the problem is documented as having affected over 20,000 other WP blogs (some of which were hosted by Dreamhost). It’s disappointing that I have to struggle myself to fix such problems, when no one else can help. IfRead more

Switching Web Hosting

As discussed last week, I’ve decided to switch my web hosting from a company located in Jakarta, to I’ve had a number of headaches, billing issues, downtime, horrible communication, etc, not to mention the price/benefit ratio is absurd. Here’s an example of what the Indonesian host offers: 4 GB space + 40 GB bandwidth = $45 / month 1 GB space + 15 GB bandwidth = $14 / month 100 MB space + 3 GB bandwidth = $5 /Read more