Redesigned and sterilized

In order to completely rid myself of the malware plaguing this blog for over a week, I took dramatic action: reinstalling WordPress and installing a completely different theme, rather than try to fix the other. Dreamhost has been very little help and the problem is documented as having affected over 20,000 other WP blogs (some of which were hosted by Dreamhost). It’s disappointing that I have to struggle myself to fix such problems, when no one else can help.

If the problem happens again (which is a possibility), and Dreamhost does not take action to help me, I will definitely switch hosts. There have been a few incidents with them that are almost proving enough to switch. (accidentally charging customers’ credit cards, etc).

At any rate, the new design is definitely not finalized – I realize it’s a bit fugly and messy. However, with my mediocre coding, it’s slow going. I sincerely apologize if you received any type of malware after having visited my site. It’s really unfortunate, and I hope not too many people will be scared to return. All should be clear now.

A few quick issues I want to fix:

  • the categories in the header are sorted alphabetically, I’d like control over their order.
  • the header itself is a mess, but I whipped that up to be temporary.
  • somehow in the import from the other installation, I lost all of my blog subscribers and all of my links. 🙁
  • the comment .gif is displaying twice because I’m using Disqus and it’s conflicting with the WP comments – no idea how to remedy that.
  • i have the blog set to display full posts, but when you click on a category, it displays only a preview, not the full post. especially annoying with pics not showing.
  • my footer is non-existent. I think I lost the correct code – supposed to be widget enabled, but no go.
  • If anyone has design suggestions, by all means, please drop me a comment or criticism. I need all the help I can get.