How to choose a MacBook Pro – which Mac should you buy?

The entire purpose of this post is to help share some of my thoughts and research with those of you wondering how to choose which Mac best suits your needs. Warning – it is long winded and demonstrates my own opinions, so it is biased in that fact. My demographics in a nutshell: 31, male, American, photographer, designer, educator, ADE, expat in Asia. As you may know, I’m quite the Apple fan. Part of my job involves helping others learnRead more

On netbooks, TouchBook, Mac tablet, Macbook Mini, and a Mac user switching to Windows (for the netbook only)

Apple has a large gap in their hardware line-up. Between the iPhone and Macbook is a massive hole that they may or may not decide to fill with a tablet/netbook/ultra-portable. There are many reasons, theories, and opinions on whether they should or shouldn’t attempt to fill the void. More on this later. With today’s economy, more and more people are turning toward the use of ‘netbooks’ – ultra-portable, generally slower, more economical laptops. Even without the economy in shambles, manyRead more

My newest adoration: iPhone 3G

A very kind soul has been generous enough to pick up an unlocked (by Apple) 16GB iPhone 3G from Hong Kong for me! The kind soul’s name is Brett, a Kiwi expat who has been living and working in Jakarta since 2005. He’s kindly agreed to trade prints of my photos for the iPhone, and I thought I’d take a moment to publicly thank him for going out of his way to get a hold of one of these amazingRead more

The iMac celebrates 10 years, and a reflection on my own Mac experience

The iMac turns 10 years old today. Is it the product that saved Apple from failing, faltering, or becoming a radically different company than it is today (remember, this is pre iphone/ipod/mac-craze)? The late 90’s were dark days for Apple. My family’s ‘first’ computer was an Apple IIe, (with a whopping 64KB of RAM) followed by my dad’s early 90’s, “Macintosh Classic II“, and ‘Color Classic‘. In my elementary and middle school years, all of our school computers were Apple.Read more