Currently in Bangkok for Apple… Suggestions?

I’m currently in Bangkok for Apple. I’ll be here for about 6 days; most packed with events. I won’t have much free time to roam around Bangkok, however, next Wednesday I’ll have most of the day until about 5pm. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best see the city in 10 hours or so? Photography opps would be great, but so would some unique experiences. I’m open to any and all suggestions! ——————— Certifications like 156-315 and 640-801Read more

Notebook and Laptop Screens: Matte vs Glossy and Macbook Pro vs Macbook Screens

A crash course in modern Mac notebook screens: With the advent of the Macbook, Apple switched from a matte screen to glossy for the Macbook line. Many users welcome this change, as many people find that the colors are more saturated (blacks more black, etc), contrast may be higher (not always a good thing), and for things like movies and games, the screen may be more vibrant. The downside is that the glossy screens can double as a mirror inRead more