CNN Go featuring my photos and writing from the MassKara Festival, Bacolod

CNN Go is now featuring my photos and writing from the MassKara Festival I photographed last weekend in Bacolod, Visayas. I’ll be posting more photos from the festival soon, but am in the midst of packing for Japan! Leaving tomorrow morning for 11 days in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, amongst others. My brother is also a photographer, living in Tokyo, so we should hopefully get some good shots. Really looking forward to this trip! Check out the full article here. TheyRead more

Twenty-ten thus far

2010 has shaped up to be quite the rollercoaster ride thus far. Five weeks in and yet so many dramatic, euphoric highs and nausea-inducing lows. I dig a life of change and spontaneity, but it’s sure not easy on the soul. Fortunately, I’ll now have more time to blog and get back into photography once again. I’m only now starting to settle after nearly 7 months in Manila. The pace of these past few months has been exhausting, but thingsRead more

Twitter downturn? Nah, it’s just me, methinks. aka Twitter’s future in 2010.

A funny yet predictable observation: I’ve been too busy these past few months to utilize Twitter in the same way as I did last year, and noticed a few things: 90% of the people I used to converse with on a daily basis 12 months ago no longer communicate with me, nor I with them (nothing negative, just factual). I spend perhaps 70% less time on Twitter currently than I did last year – hmm, correlation perhaps? The statement “YouRead more