Twenty-ten thus far

2010 has shaped up to be quite the rollercoaster ride thus far. Five weeks in and yet so many dramatic, euphoric highs and nausea-inducing lows. I dig a life of change and spontaneity, but it’s sure not easy on the soul.

Fortunately, I’ll now have more time to blog and get back into photography once again. I’m only now starting to settle after nearly 7 months in Manila. The pace of these past few months has been exhausting, but things are finally leveling out.

For this blog I envision moving more towards quicker, more frequent postings. I also am going to be bringing back the external links to sites I enjoy. I removed them with the redesign, but was never satisfied with cluttering up the site. Also, I may look into optimizing this blog for mobile access. How many of you have difficulty viewing it on various handphones?

How has 2010 been unfolding for you?