New galleries on SmugMug and I’ve reduced prices

I spent the weekend sorting 9TB of data, and sorting through photos. I figured it’s time to start uploading some of my work to SmugMug once again. I’ve been a member since 2005 but haven’t even come close to utilizing it properly.

One gallery that I’ve been exporting to contains images you may have seen: Aliwan Festival. I also decided to reduce my prices a fair amount in order to spur some additional sales of my works. My equipment costs far more than a non-professional should be spending, so any print that sells is appreciated. Not sure I want to resort to something like microstock selling for pennies on the image. :(

Have a look:

If you’re keen to join SmugMug, here’s a code for $5 off a SmugMug account: JjSi7o2idSEnc or you can input my email address.

There’s definitely more to come – lots of photos that none of you have ever seen before.

Purchasing Prints

Yesterday I received a comment, “How may I purchase your work?”. I have similar requests emailed to me quite often, so I’d like to reiterate it here.

I do indeed sell many prints of my work. Many expats and colleagues have prints of my work hanging in their homes, and I also sell work in the States.

  • If you reside in Indonesia (esp Jakarta) I can easily have a print couriered to your home or place of business. Alternatively, you may even stop by my place to view the portfolio first hand and select the prints and sizes. I can have them matted and framed with a variety of options.
  • For those of you in Southeast Asia, I can have prints mailed to you promptly. Please contact me via email if you’re interested.
  • If you are in the U.S., I am a member of Smugmug – a professional service which will receive your order, guarantee the transaction (can pay via credit card, etc), and have any print in any size delivered to your home very quickly.
  • For those anywhere else in the world, I can use UPS or DHL to deliver prints wherever you reside.

Smugmug is a wonderful service, offering print quality that is guaranteed. I do not have all of my work on there, but if you have a specific print that you’re interested in, I’m happy to prepare and upload it for you the same day.

For those of you wondering about sizes; I’ve printed as large as about 4 feet x 6 feet (2 meters) with great results.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. As I said, if you have a specific photo seen via this blog or flickr, please simply email me and we’ll go from there.

New Photoblog or Just Playin?

I’ve been messing around with the idea of creating a straight-up photoblog with minimal writing for those visitors who seek only the imagery. I also would rather be able to display the photos in a larger size than the blog allows for.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I have a gallery that hasn’t been updated in forever, a flickr account that is consistently updated but lacks my own personalization, a smugmug account from which I sell prints (and never upload to), and of course this blog. Somehow that seems like one too many already.
I’ve toyed with the idea of a separate blog for my writing and a photoblog for photos for quite some time, but haven’t actively pursued it for a few reasons:

  • the blog definitely receives decent traffic and many long time visitors whom most likely don’t wish to try to keep up with multiple sites
  • often the photos have a story behind them, and reiterating on two separate sites seems like overkill (and a lot of work)
  • flickr, although not the prettiest, does provide a huge audience. I’ve received a few ‘jobs’ via flickr already.
  • who wants to try updating 5 different sites?

So despite these points I spent a lot of time yesterday setting up this: The Java Jive Photoblog. It’s definitely unfinished, unpolished, and lacking content; consider this an experiment only. What are your thoughts on handling this ‘problem’? Should I just stick with the blog/flickr/smugmug (and maybe utilize the gallery I already have)? Should I pursue the photoblog idea?

Blogging Bits: Flickr vs. WordPress vs. RSS?

I had no idea so many of you were viewing the blog via RSS, but it seems that the general consensus is that I have two separate groups of visitors – those that check out the blog and those that drop into Flickr. I’m guessing the Flickr community most likely doesn’t view the blog too often and now I see that many of you visit the blog and not Flickr – therefore, I will start posting more of ‘everything’ on both.

The majority of my photographs do revolve around Indonesia, but as I’m continually striving to improve different aspects of my photography, I venture into other subject areas. Two things I’d really like to experiment more with would be portraiture and night shooting. I picked up a book last night from Michel Comte (but resisted buying!) – and felt like a kid with a toy camera after viewing his work.

As you may have noticed (unless you read via RSS 😉 ), I’ve started organizing this entire site by the use of more effective archives, technorati tags (fun? annoying?), categories, and an AJAX live search tool (pretty cool if you haven’t tried it). I have yet to categorize about half of the blog’s archives, but it’s on my to-do list. I have also started delving into my ‘blogger’ archives – everything from 2002-2004. I’ll move many of those old posts over to WordPress soon (although I’m definitely seeing a different side of myself in hindsight!).

To answer a few of the comments left on the previous post:

By the way, how is Smugmug working so far? Have you been able to verify the quality of the actual prints? Any impressions?

I honestly haven’t given enough time or effort into Smugmug at this point, considering I’ve already paid $100 for the “pro” account. I’ve also only uploaded a half dozen photos, so it’d be unfair for me to make any judgement at this point. I haven’t been able to view any actual prints, as I believe they only ship within the U.S. – I’ll have to have my brother order some for critique.

My usual pathway to javajive is via RSS, so if you post your photos on the blog, it’s easier for me to enjoy ‘em.

When I have the time, I go into the flickr site – but that is not something to do casually. Your work deserves attention, concentration.

javajive is quite possibly the best photoblog out there. Please keep up the excellent work. Baiklah!

I really appreciate your comment, Elisson, but in all honesty, the more I learn about photography, the more I’m feeling like a complete amateur. It’s almost overwhelming to see how much talent is oozing from the creative pores of the ‘net. When I view sites like Quarlo, Chromogenic, Chromasia, Top Left Pixel, Smudo, Big Empty, and File Magazine, I sometimes wonder if I should pack up and move on to another passion.

Post here. I find Flickr way to slow to load photos and rarely go back there, even though I am the admin for over a dozen groups based on Asia travel. Also, how is your Flickr Social group doing? Great idea on that one.

Interesting to hear your thoughts on Flickr. As far as Flickr being a great place to display serious work – I’m not too fond of the layout, white background, and comments – but for the community aspect and (generally) useful feedback, I’m stickin with ’em. I am admin to a few different groups, but the one to really take off has been FlickrSocial with over 2000 members. Unfortunately, I haven’t been active in the group in quite a while, and have appointed some other great people to help out as admins.

On another note, I’ve been slammed with this message every hour today:

The domain (javajive) has reached 80% of its bandwidth limit.
Please contact the system admin as soon as possible.