The Apprentice Geisha of Gion (aka henshin)

A very helpful Flickr user posted a response to my photo “Geisha of Gion”. I thought I’d share the response, as I wasn’t aware of this at all. (Even after reading Memoirs of a Geisha 😉 ) I feel like such a tourist. — “Sorry, but this lady is just a regular lady dressed up as a maiko (an apprentice geisha) for the day. This act is called “henshin”. But this is a lovely composed picture! (1)really worn down orRead more

Bastards, Breasts, and Base

Fun facts of the day. All found in the Nov. 2005 issue of Discover Magazine during my lunch break: DNA testing has proven that one in 25 men unknowningly raise another man’s child. One in 25?? Pharmacologists have studied Italy’s river Po in hopes of evaluating drug use. The river carries the sewage of 5 million Italians; basically the world’s largest drug test. They’ve found that 8.8 pounds of cocaine flow downstream every day. Of the 100 trillion bacteria foundRead more

Heat of the Moment

From a distance, most people assume these wonderful dancers manage to maintain their intensity without breaking a sweat. A zoom lens tells another side of the story. (view the larger size in flickr by clicking on the image) Christmas night, Ubud, Bali By the way – this was my girl’s dance instructor (she took lessons for 2 hours a day / 2 weeks) – and this dance was performed for 40 minutes straight – unbelievable endurance! Canon 350D – 70-200mmRead more