Bastards, Breasts, and Base

Fun facts of the day. All found in the Nov. 2005 issue of Discover Magazine during my lunch break:

  • DNA testing has proven that one in 25 men unknowningly raise another man’s child. One in 25??
  • Pharmacologists have studied Italy’s river Po in hopes of evaluating drug use. The river carries the sewage of 5 million Italians; basically the world’s largest drug test. They’ve found that 8.8 pounds of cocaine flow downstream every day.
  • Of the 100 trillion bacteria found in the human body, the colon permanantly hold 2 pounds of the stuff. 1/3 of human feces is composed of bacteria by weight.
  • American women’s chest have been expanding rapidly. Factors such as poor diet, breast implants, and estrogen in birth control have contributed to this new growth. This has led the average American’s breast size to increase in only 15 years from an average of 34B to 36C. Thirty percent of American women now sport a size D cup or larger.

And you guys probably thought I was going to post a nice confessional with that post title huh? This outta bring in some interesting pervs hits from Google.