Bali Bomb Cleric Freed From Jail

Nice to know this f***’er is only a few kilometers from me. Absurd decision-making. Absolutely absurd. From the BBC: “A Muslim cleric convicted over the 2002 nightclub bombings on Indonesian island Bali, which killed 202 people, has been released from prison in Jakarta. Abu Bakar Ba’asyir was found guilty in March 2005 of conspiracy in connection with the bomb plot, but he was cleared of more serious charges. Security experts say the cleric is a founding member of a regionalRead more

Bali Bomb – Video

I’ve decided not to upload the copy of the video I have – as I’m not sure how my web host would hold up. Instead, here’s a link to the footage online via The Australian. I don’t care to show any images of this, but the Indonesian police have released images of the terrorist’s severed heads to aid in investigations and identification. From The Times Online: Investigators hunting for the masterminds behind three co-ordinated suicide bombings on the island ofRead more

Bali Bombing Update

*Update* – “The bodies of 22 people were counted in two hospitals – 11 at Sangla and 11 at Graha Asih – officials there said. Close to 50 others were admitted with injuries, many of them serious,including eight Australians and two Americans.” According to the local news, they’ve found 4 bombs that were not detonated. The local stations are now displaying images of the charred bodies and body parts – something I truly wish they wouldn’t do, out of respectRead more

Google Earth and Virgin Eyes

Don’t even bother to read this if you’re at work, if you’re getting ready for bed, or if you have a significant other waiting for you to join them. In fact, don’t bother reading this unless you have a solid 3 hours to remain here with your arse glued to the seat. Google Earth is the coolest thing since Flickr. In the first hour of using it I was able to find and view (in decent detail) the following: MyRead more

Starbucks, Terrorism, and Samurai

Have you seen that flick? I saw it last night – sorry, but everything takes a bit longer to reach Indonesia. What an awesome movie! I was surprised to see Tom Cruise take up this role, but in the end I think he did a much better job than I would have predicted. Maybe I’m a sucker for these “male pride/honor comes first/wish I was there” type movies (Gladiator, Braveheart), but it really was well done. The main opposing character,Read more

Welcome to the Jungle

Home? Yeah, I’m wondering where that is. Is it Indonesia now? Is it America? Is it Cape Town? Well, at any rate, I’m back in Jakarta. The Marriot was bombed downtown only days before my return – how’s that for a welcome home! It feels a bit strange knowing that I was eating sushi in that hotel in June! I must be getting used to hearing these events because it didn’t even really surprise me. I’m buying a car nextRead more