Bali Bombing Update

*Update* – “The bodies of 22 people were counted in two hospitals – 11 at Sangla and 11 at Graha Asih – officials there said. Close to 50 others were admitted with injuries, many of them serious,including eight Australians and two Americans.” According to the local news, they’ve found 4 bombs that were not detonated.

The local stations are now displaying images of the charred bodies and body parts – something I truly wish they wouldn’t do, out of respect for the victims and their families.

Here’s a link to a post written by Nick – an expat living in Bali. He wrote this from Kuta, after having seen the area himself.

More accounts from The Age:

Witnesses have told of grisly scenes at Kuta Beach and Jimbaran Bay last night, with body parts strewn and the injured lying in agony.

Mercedes Corby, sister of convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, was near Raja’s Bar and Restaurant when the bomb went off, and told of horrific scenes at the nearby Graha Asih hospital.

She said at least three to four people died there as she watched, adding that between 30 and 40 others had been injured.

“It’s really bad – the hospital is not coping,” Mercedes Corby said.

“At least four people have passed away and one is being resuscitated right in front of me.”

Another witness said body parts had littered the area around the Raja restaurant.

“I heard one explosion and ran to Raja’s,” operations manager of the Matahari Department Store, Marthinus Parera, said.

“I ran inside and saw many injured and I found one man’s head near the kitchen.

“I also found a leg and a man’s body.”

Wayan Kresna said he witnessed the first bomb at a seafood restaurant on Jimbaran beach. He counted at least two dead and said many others were taken to hospital. “I helped lift up the bodies,” he told a radio station. “There was blood everywhere.”