Notebook and Laptop Screens: Matte vs Glossy and Macbook Pro vs Macbook Screens

A crash course in modern Mac notebook screens: With the advent of the Macbook, Apple switched from a matte screen to glossy for the Macbook line. Many users welcome this change, as many people find that the colors are more saturated (blacks more black, etc), contrast may be higher (not always a good thing), and for things like movies and games, the screen may be more vibrant. The downside is that the glossy screens can double as a mirror inRead more

Handphones are destroying memories (handphone cameras vs point and shoot cameras)

What a bold statement to make, right? Having lived in Indonesia for half a decade, I’ve witnessed a revolution in handphone/cellphone technology – a revolution which swept across Asia and throughout the world. Upon my arrival, handphones were something you used to call someone with – and that’s about all. With the arrival of video and photo capturing abilities built into these pocket rockets, there’s little need to carry other gadgets around – or is there? I cringe when IRead more

Off the Grid

I have broken free of the binding chains that are modern technology. Well, for a few days at least. My handphone: a Sony Ericsson S700i – hasn’t been working properly for 9 months, and I finally decided to fix it. In April of 2005 I decided I wanted a handphone with a decent camera, and the nicest screen I could find. I thought that if I were to stumble upon someone interested in seeing my photographs, I could whip outRead more

Internet Explorer 7 vs Firefox

So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding Internet Explorer 7. I’ve been a big fan of Firefox, but am always open to trying new things (bit of an adopter wanna-be). I’m not a Microsoft hater or anything, but have really come to love the philosophy behind open source. I couldn’t go back to life without tabs, either. Knowing that IE 7 incorporates many of these new changes, I promptly downloaded it today (on my workRead more

Apple MacBook Pro – Worthy of the "Pro" Designation?

Sure enough, Apple has started rolling out the new Intel powered Macs. I bought a 20″ iMac G5 in July, and decided to sell my laptop in October – finding that, of course, I still have a need for a laptop. My iMac is simply gorgeous and completely satisfies my photographic endeavors – except that I have to work from home. I long for the days of taking my laptop on vacation, to a cafe, back and forth to work,Read more

iPod Video

Just as I was thinking of getting a 4GB black iPod Nano – they release this – an iPod that plays video! It’s been rumored for so long, that it’s not nearly the surprise that it should be, but all in all, Apple is on quite a roll lately. They’ve also announced a number of other upgrades for the iMac (which I just bought in July – grrrr), as well as iTunes 6. I’m a bit of a gadget geek,Read more