Quietly freaking out about what the future may hold

It’s October, so it must be that time of year when I freak out about the future, to stay in Indonesia or not, to seek another career option, or simply maintain what I’ve been doing for so long now. It doesn’t help that the American economy has been thrown in the canal, nor that the Indonesian economy is now heading towards possible turmoil as well. It doesn’t help ease my mind to hear from expat friends and ex-coworkers who areRead more

Too much to say = nothing to say

Ironically, I’ve started composing this long winded exotic description of our experiences at Angkor Wat. In doing so, I’ve completely avoided posting anything else. So, for now in order to get back to posting some writing, I’ll put that post aside. When I have the most to say, I end up saying nothing. It’s been a very tough time deciding whether to remain in Indonesia for yet another year or not. To be honest, this was the closest I’ve everRead more

Purchasing Prints

Yesterday I received a comment, “How may I purchase your work?”. I have similar requests emailed to me quite often, so I’d like to reiterate it here. I do indeed sell many prints of my work. Many expats and colleagues have prints of my work hanging in their homes, and I also sell work in the States. If you reside in Indonesia (esp Jakarta) I can easily have a print couriered to your home or place of business. Alternatively, youRead more

Bird Flu, Photoblogs, and Ramblings

I found a few very cool websites devoted to weblogs… one in particular that I thought was clear, concise, with refreshing content was photoblogs.com. It’s nice to stray from the traditional “text” weblog into some that offer more of a photographic intention. I admired the entire list from welldesignedweblogs.com – they provide inspiration for me to finish my own site – thejavajive.com – yet the list makes me realize how much I’d like to improve this blog. I’ve been askedRead more

Expats On the Run!

It’s funny how so many expats bolt from Java as soon as they have a chance. As soon as we have vacation time, where do they run off to? The tropical beaches of Bali only an hour’s journey? Beautiful islands of Thailand nearby? Shopping in Singapore? Not a chance. Most of them return to the very place they were so eager to leave. It’s understandable that they would wish to see family and friends, but think about it – theyRead more