A wonderful group of artists have given rise to a group called Utata. It was recently a Yahoo! Pick of the Day. This collaboration is the result of Catherine Jamieson’s rampant creativity. She is one of the most well known photobloggers out there – and for good reason. I highly recommend you take a moment (or an hour) to browse through her efforts. Some of the ‘net’s most talented photographers have joined forces to display their work both on utata.orgRead more


My brother finally joined flickr. His work is nothing short of phenomenal, so yet again, I’m going to ask that you check out his images.Read more


I’ve created and been managing a group on Flickr called, FlickrSocial. I started it only a few days ago and it has now reached over 400 members. If anyone is interested, I think it’ll be a great place to “hang”.Read more

Admitting the Truth

I have a confession. I’ve been spending more time on Flickr.com than on my own site. How pathetic am I? I’ve been feeling lately as if my time is being severed minute by minute, into smaller increments – less time online equals more concentrated efforts. Unfortunately I’ve focused on photography more than updating my blog in past weeks. The attraction to flickr is the ability to simply post a picture and move on to other work, whereas this blog demandsRead more