A wonderful group of artists have given rise to a group called Utata. It was recently a Yahoo! Pick of the Day. This collaboration is the result of Catherine Jamieson’s rampant creativity. She is one of the most well known photobloggers out there – and for good reason. I highly recommend you take a moment (or an hour) to browse through her efforts.

Some of the ‘net’s most talented photographers have joined forces to display their work both on utata.org and on flickr/utata. Of course I’m self-promoting enough to display these links since I was featured today. 😉 But in all honesty, I feel the group and the site will take our photography to a new level. I’m viewing it as a micro-community of talent from within flickr. It’s refreshing to step back and become involved with a smaller group rather than the prolific 3000 members that have become so common these days. Intimacy has its perks.

I’m in the process of going through this site a bit, and refreshing some areas that need house-cleaning. A few links are outdated, and some new ideas have sprung up in my head for better content. I’m not sure if anyone would notice – but it’s more of an act of organization for myself.