Elusive Self Portrait

Elusive and always behind the camera, this is a rarity. It’s also a weakness for me as I have never focused on doing self-portraits. I suppose the only way to confront your weaknesses is to focus on them. Taken in Singapore, August 2005 with a crap camera and horrible backlighting.Read more

Good to be Home?

Oddly enough, this was one of the first times I’ve returned to Jakarta without dreading it. Usually, as our plane breaks through the blanket of pollution protecting The Big Durian, it just puts a somber mood in the air to see the sun’s clarity disappear into a smog of acrid brown. This time, however, it was good to be ‘home’. Three weeks in Bali was wonderful – perfectly relaxing, and yet, three weeks of living out of a suitcase doesRead more

Off to Bali!

Yet again, I’m off to the island of Bali. It feels as if it’s becoming a bit of a third ‘home’ in some sense. I’ll be there for three weeks, so my posting may be rather sporadic for a while. I’ll still be checking email and posting (hopefully) a few times a week. I really hope to focus on capturing even more of this magical island and its vibrant culture through the lens. Wish me luck! And in response toRead more