Weathered Wood and Blisters in the Sun

A villager poses for a moment as I pass through his kampung (traditional Indonesian village). Their homes are built on stilts along a river leading to the ocean. The traditional fishing village and tradepost has been around for hundreds of years, with little change evident. Octopus drying in the sun. Interesting smells wafting about this area – pretty much indescribable with words. Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta, IndonesiaRead more

Colors of Another World

An elder member of the village, resting before a Hindu ceremony. Truly rich colors are found in this culture; I will miss this aspect of life here, and only hope that someday my photos will help to remind me of such beauty. Tampaksiring, Bali Canon 350D 70-200mm @ 113mm f/5.6 iso 200 Purchase this photo as a print.Read more

Heat of the Moment

From a distance, most people assume these wonderful dancers manage to maintain their intensity without breaking a sweat. A zoom lens tells another side of the story. (view the larger size in flickr by clicking on the image) Christmas night, Ubud, Bali By the way – this was my girl’s dance instructor (she took lessons for 2 hours a day / 2 weeks) – and this dance was performed for 40 minutes straight – unbelievable endurance! Canon 350D – 70-200mmRead more

Portrait of a Meat-Head

No, really, I do own shirts with sleeves! In response to the comments left on flickr: I have to dress more formally for work, so sometimes when I get home the first thing I do is strip down to my workout gear. I admit, I miss wearing long sleeves, jackets, sweaters, and not sweating anytime I step outside. This perpetual summer gets a bit old at times. I miss autumn and spring the most – not so much snow, slush,Read more