Weathered Wood and Blisters in the Sun

A villager poses for a moment as I pass through his kampung (traditional Indonesian village). Their homes are built on stilts along a river leading to the ocean. The traditional fishing village and tradepost has been around for hundreds of years, with little change evident. Octopus drying in the sun. Interesting smells wafting about this area – pretty much indescribable with words. Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta, IndonesiaRead more

Lead Me Upstairs

Another awesome 3 day weekend getaway to the south coast. I took many photos, soon to be displayed – so if my “theme” tends to be leaning towards beach life for a little while, bear with me. I have such a strong attraction to the ocean that I can’t help but take too many shots. The weekend took a sharp downturn for the worst last night on the drive home as we encountered 6 hours of stop and go traffic.Read more