Unfortunate incidents

Two days ago, an Indonesian co-worker died from complications related to surgery (malpractice was whispered more than once). He was laid to rest shortly thereafter and a memorial service was held last night. The younger sister of two other Indonesian co-workers was visiting the memorial, and on her way home via motorcycle was hit by a large truck; killed instantly. Terrible coincidence. Both had families and children. I don’t know what else to say.Read more

Quietly freaking out about what the future may hold

It’s October, so it must be that time of year when I freak out about the future, to stay in Indonesia or not, to seek another career option, or simply maintain what I’ve been doing for so long now. It doesn’t help that the American economy has been thrown in the canal, nor that the Indonesian economy is now heading towards possible turmoil as well. It doesn’t help ease my mind to hear from expat friends and ex-coworkers who areRead more

Photographing events and performances at night: low light lenses and fast apertures

I spend quite a lot of time hanging out around “The Piazza” in Kelapa Gading. That’s where my gym is, Starbucks (yeah don’t say it), absurd numbers of restaurants (mourning the loss of my favorite Indian), and two large stages that regularly have Indonesian artists, singers, celebrities, and all sorts of other events on a near daily basis. Since Jakarta’s traffic has become so congested, it’s often easier to motivate myself to hang around here with Novita than it isRead more

Yet another maid story

{key sarcasm} A really awesome thing happened today. {/sarcasm} Our maid, Sri, who has been really great for many months, said she was returning home to her new husband. No worries, we said, do you happen to have a friend who’d like to work? In fact she did. The friend came and has been working with us for about four days. She smiled, said good morning every day, and seemed overall quite content. We pay quite well, aren’t the leastRead more

Job opportunity: we're hiring ASAP

My employer is currently seeking to hire someone as soon as possible. I believe it’s preferable to have an expat, or an Indonesian fluent in English. The package is good, salary good, and many perks. It’s a great place to work; but I believe they’re keen to fill the position this week. I will remove this post after the position is filled. Please contact me directly for more information if interested. *UPDATE* – Post filled. Thank you for your interest!Read more