A Day in the Life of a Bajaj Driver

The Bajaj is a three wheeled vehicle made in India and used throughout Jakarta. They can technically fit two adults in the backseat, although I’d consider it punishment to attempt three. For about 50 cents you can get around for a couple of kilometers – the distance many people need throughout the day, or grabbing some groceries. Cheap, exceedingly noisy, and completely uncomfortable, they’re the staple of many people’s transportation – or at least those that cannot pay for aRead more

Don't Bump Your Head!

I’m enjoying a 9 day break from work, but this time I’m not going anywhere. I decided that for once I’d sit my ass down in Jakarta for the entire break – relaxing, working out, sitting in the sun on my balcony, reading in coffee shops, and basically doing nothing (think “Office Space”). Sure, I’d love to be in Bali right now – or India like one of my friends – but the fact is I’m not – I’m hereRead more

Krakatoa and Indonesian Volcanoes

Most Indonesians live and die within sight of a volcano. The islands of Indonesia are a volatile part of the “ring of fire” that spans across the Pacific from Japan, California, Hawaii, and Southeast Asia. Indonesia is the sight of two of the world’s greatest volcanic eruptions, Krakatoa, and Tambora – which still have major eruptions 10 times a year. The volcanoes provide Java with some of the most fertile soil in the world! Why do you think the coffeeRead more