A Day in the Life of a Bajaj Driver

The Bajaj is a three wheeled vehicle made in India and used throughout Jakarta. They can technically fit two adults in the backseat, although I’d consider it punishment to attempt three. For about 50 cents you can get around for a couple of kilometers – the distance many people need throughout the day, or grabbing some groceries.

Cheap, exceedingly noisy, and completely uncomfortable, they’re the staple of many people’s transportation – or at least those that cannot pay for a taxi with rising fuel costs. The other options are insane bus drivers, vans packed to the gills with people, or suicidal ojek (motorcycles). I’ve nearly lost my knee caps riding with them as they attempt to squeeze between cars.

Like a tall tricycle, bajaj feel a bit unstable when cornering faster than a walking pace – especially when carrying a big ‘bule’ (foreigner) of 200 lbs. I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten them up on two wheels on a number of occasions.

I have a small series of shots I’ll post in relation to these mechanical wonders of the developing world.