The Ice Book – Pop-Up Book Brought to Life with a Canon 5D mk II [video]

The Ice Book (HD) from Davy and Kristin McGuire on Vimeo. “The Ice Book is a miniature theatre show, a pop-up book that comes to life as if by magic. It tells the story of a mysterious princess who lures a boy into her magical world to warm her heart of ice. It is made from sheets of paper and light, designed to give a live audience an intimate and immersive experience of film, theatre, dance, mime and animation. WeRead more

Publishing Photos: Compensation or Exposure?

The following message fell into my lap this morning. My first impulse is to go ahead and submit my work without any concern for compensation. Why? Here are my thoughts: In many ways, I’m definitely just starting out in photography and any exposure I can get I should accept – especially when it reaches the entire German population. It’s only one photo. It’s not like I’d be getting published in Germany otherwise anytime soon. I believe that constantly expecting compensationRead more

My Little Sister Has a Blog

Well – she’s gone and done it. My little sister has made herself a full blown confessional on the web. She’s without a doubt one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Word of warning – she’s not the most timid or reserved of young ladies. She’s studying design in a portfolio school in Atlanta after a failed attempt at living in Shanghai, and now is involved with an internship at a well known graphic design studio in New YorkRead more