Publishing Photos: Compensation or Exposure?

The following message fell into my lap this morning. My first impulse is to go ahead and submit my work without any concern for compensation.

Why? Here are my thoughts:

  • In many ways, I’m definitely just starting out in photography and any exposure I can get I should accept – especially when it reaches the entire German population.
  • It’s only one photo.
  • It’s not like I’d be getting published in Germany otherwise anytime soon.
  • I believe that constantly expecting compensation for photography is a very limiting factor for those who are still amateurs – take what you can get – otherwise known as “paying your dues”.
  • I have many other potentially lucrative plans in the works regarding my photography. (more on that later 😉 )
  • It’s in German, man!

What are your thoughts? Am I being foolish ‘giving’ my work away or are you in agreement?

Dear Javajive,

Max Magazine, the leading monthly photo and lifestyle magazine in Germany, has been publishing a Flickr-portfolio with the best photos from Flickr since 3 issues.

The reception has been great; therefore we want to continue this project in our future issues.

While searching the Flickr site we found one of your images that we would like to print. The picture “Nocturnal Emission” would fit perfectly in one of our next portfolios.

If you are interested to participate in our next MAX issue, we would appreciate, if you could send us a high resolution (300 dpi) image via email to: (address withheld)

Could you write a small description or background about the image (when was it taken, where, under which circumstances?) and add a portrait image (300 dpi) of yourself as well. We would issue your image together with your portrait shot.

Certainly, you will receive from us the acknowledgment and consent that your image will only be used for and in connection with the Flickr portfolio.

It would be wonderful if you could give us your feedback on this as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to either call or email us at any time.

Thank you very much and best regards from Hamburg.