Major Blog Problem

I’m having a major problem with this blog. For whatever reason, my comments are no longer showing up or have been deleted somehow. Additionally, I can no longer properly back up the blog via WordPress. Does anyone have any advice or can offer assistance? I’m going to be very bummed if all these comments were deleted. I do have a backup of much of this site, but (cringing) not since February. Obviously if comments aren’t working, then you’ll have toRead more

Off to Bali

I’m leaving in a few hours for five days in Bali. Just a short break, but we’ll be busy every moment. I’m bringing a Canon 350D instead of my 5D out of fear, considering there will be many times I’ll have to leave the gear in the hotel (rafting, etc) – a bit of a bummer, but it’s still a great camera. I hope to return with some decent shots from the majestic island. (I have a bit of aRead more

Warning – odd post ahead. Coincidence? Chance? Reverse Deja vu?

To Novita’s great frustration, I’m a perfected skeptic. Living in a country that is embedded with a foundation of belief in the supernatural, that’s a hard perspective to view things from. Whenever the cheezy tv programs show “ghosts” (otherwise known as lousy video tricks), I simply laugh in amazement that anyone would be drawn to their crap. Admittedly, I’m very open minded. I will listen to anyone’s perspective, and enjoy reading up on a plethora of subjects despite not necessarilyRead more

My brother breaking Guinness records through music

My brother took part in helping to break the world record for the longest non-stop concert last week in Japan. More information can be seen here and here. TOKYO — Hundreds of Japanese musicians gathered in Omi, Japan, to break the world record for the longest non-stop concert. The previous record was set in Canada with a 181-hour concert, the BBC reported Saturday. A new world record, set by Japanese musicians aged 6 to 96, now stands at more thanRead more

Taking its toll

My body and mind haven’t been in agreement this week. My mind knew that I had an absurd amount of work to do – no matter the cost. My body had its own opinion. The good news: I finished all my work. The bad: I got myself sick. 🙁 I’ll be laying low another couple days to recoup and get back on my feet. Sorry for the sporadic postings.Read more

Posting more personal information

I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing more personal information with those of you who’d care to listen. However, due to the miracle of Google, I think I’ll password protect some of the posts. Does anyone know if Google can pick up the writing if it utilizes a password? At times this blog gets lonely cause I have way too many stories to share that simply aren’t appropriate for this site and some of those visiting for photography orRead more