Gettin Poked

That sounded bad. Sorry. Today I got jabbed with a needle twice – once for the flu vaccine and once for a typhoid update. A doctor from Global Doctors was kind enough to come to work to offer vaccines for whoever wanted them. I know what you’re thinking – the flu vaccine has nothing to do with protecting against avian flu. True, however, I’ve heard from a number of ‘professionals’ (in a calm, yet warning tone) that if you’ve hadRead more

Over-training or the Flu?

So my week went like this: Tuesday: I worked out at the gym having taken nearly a month off. I pushed myself to levels of which I knew I shouldn’t have attempted, but it felt good to be back in the gym again. See, I’m a bit abnormal in the fact that I love lifting weights and dislike doing cardio (indoors at least, cause I love mountain biking or hiking). Many of my friends are the other way around, andRead more

Indonesia Bird Flu Increasing – in Jakarta

It’s frustrating being in such close proximity (30km) with this bird flu (H5N1 virus) outbreak occurring, and knowing that the government has not taken the proper steps to help control it. Is there reason to panic? Should we be considering what could happen? If this were to indeed mutate into human to human contact – how much time feasibly would people have? What about the 99% of the population who cannot afford to leave if an intense outbreak did occur?Read more