Gettin Poked

That sounded bad. Sorry.

Today I got jabbed with a needle twice – once for the flu vaccine and once for a typhoid update. A doctor from Global Doctors was kind enough to come to work to offer vaccines for whoever wanted them. I know what you’re thinking – the flu vaccine has nothing to do with protecting against avian flu. True, however, I’ve heard from a number of ‘professionals’ (in a calm, yet warning tone) that if you’ve had the flu vaccine and come down with flu-like symptoms, you’re much more likely to be diagnosed properly and quickly against the avian flu – and more likely to receive Tamiflu quickly. If this isn’t true, or wouldn’t in fact be the case – what do I have to lose? (other than $25)

She then asked if I’ve had a typhoid shot recently, and it’s been over 3 years, so I did that one as well – literally didn’t even feel the needle. They must be coming up with smaller and smaller needles all the time. Which reminds me of this article about doctors needing longer needles for the increase in obese arses in the world.

It’s funny how the world changes so drastically – one year ago, I’d never have considered getting a flu shot – now our entire experience in Indonesia could be cut short by a potential pandemic. Never thought I’d have to worry about that. We’ve been through terrorist bombings, the massive Asian tsunami and earthquakes, more terrorist bombings, embassy warnings, and yet none of it was enough to persuade expats from leaving. It’d be ironic if the final blow simply came from a tiny organism smaller than this period.