Blood types – I am all accepting

This is quite possibly the most random thing I could have posted today. I was cleaning out my wallet when I found a blood type card that was issued after I had Dengue Fever in December. Until this morning I couldn’t have told you what blood type I am; it’s never crossed my mind. For kicks, I looked it up online and learned that only 3% of American’s share type AB+ with me. Oddly, the largest population to share AB+Read more

In The Beginning, There Was… Bali?

To tell you more about why I’m in Indonesia, guess I have to give a little bit of a background. I finished my degree last April, after 7 years of studying engineering. I combined engineering, fine arts, and business to build a degree called Industrial Design. No I don’t design factories; I design cars, products, electronics, motorcycles, boats, architectural structures, etc. Anything you see around you has to be designed by someone – the way it looks, feels, and interactsRead more