Blood types – I am all accepting

This is quite possibly the most random thing I could have posted today.

I was cleaning out my wallet when I found a blood type card that was issued after I had Dengue Fever in December. Until this morning I couldn’t have told you what blood type I am; it’s never crossed my mind. For kicks, I looked it up online and learned that only 3% of American’s share type AB+ with me. Oddly, the largest population to share AB+ is South Korea (mom??).

I thought that this may mean it’s quite difficult were I to ever need blood, but a bit more reading proved me wrong. AB+ individuals can accept blood from any other type. So although 97% of Americans have a differing blood type, I can accept any of theirs if I were to have another motorcycle accident. That’s reassuring. I feel for the type O-‘s out there, as they can only accept that type.

I suppose in a place like Indonesia it’s important to know this information and to keep it with you. Do you know yours?