“Blow-Up Babies”: Quite possibly the most inappropriate name for a business? [photo]

Throughout Southeast Asia the English language is often misinterpreted, misrepresented, or massaged into new forms of communication through humorous signage. Take this one I captured as an example. Throughout the Philippines, and Manila especially, English is widespread and I have yet to see many humorous examples as I have so often seen in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Japan. Until today. Let me introduce you to a photo studio by the name of “Blow-Up Babies”.  Read more

Ella in kebaya / getting into more portraiture

I’ve been doing portrait work for some friends. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do more of anyway, so this is a decent, mutually beneficial way of breaking new ground. One of the two friends likes more natural images, whereas the other seems to enjoy much more heavy manipulation. Hope I can please them both. I’m actually considering doing more of this type of a thing on the side to help support my lens lust. (currently dreaming of a CanonRead more

Prison Break: Maids

John left this comment regarding my maid posting: “escape out the roof at midnight to ‘hang out’ with the construction workers” 🙂 seems like you’re turning into an old fart. I guess I may as well come out with the full story of this one. It’s Friday and there’s nothing better to talk about at the moment. My next door neighbor has two maids: one about 17 years old, cute but knows it, and one a couple years older andRead more

Selling Photos Online

I’m looking into selling more of my prints online, via something like Smugmug.com. Has anyone had experience with their services? I’ve done quite a bit of research, and they seem to offer some of the best printing services in terms of quality and finish – something I prioritize highly. For about $100 a year, they allow unlimited uploads, the ability to set your own prices, as well as handling the orders, payment, and shipping of photos. Sounds pretty good toRead more


In many ways, it is the way Jakarta should be. When I say I went to Yogya, I was actually only in the city for about 4 days. The other 4 were spent in and around the city of Magelang, north of Yogya about 45 minutes. I suppose the best way to speak of my time there would be to break it down into separate posts based upon what I was doing. This first will encompass only the city itself.Read more