Ella in kebaya / getting into more portraiture


I’ve been doing portrait work for some friends. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do more of anyway, so this is a decent, mutually beneficial way of breaking new ground. One of the two friends likes more natural images, whereas the other seems to enjoy much more heavy manipulation. Hope I can please them both.

I’m actually considering doing more of this type of a thing on the side to help support my lens lust. (currently dreaming of a Canon 35mm f1.4L and 135mm f2L) Portraiture, pre-wedding, model shots, whatever. I’ve had many people ask me do do all three, and yet rarely accept any of the work.

In some ways expats have a nice head start in doing business in Indonesia with the initial assumption that we *must* be competent (a fallacy often), and yet, in other ways, it’s tough to break into a market that’s already built up, and to be worth my time and equipment costs, I need to charge more than many of the local photographers. Guess that’s why I’m keeping the day job.