Kecak fire dance, Uluwatu Bali. Photoblog version here. I’ve been in Bali for a week, but am back with a few decent shots, but I didn’t take nearly as many as usual. Currently experiencing lens lust again, this time with the 35mm f1.4 and 135mm f2.Read more

Going to Bali for the week and summer plans

I’ll be in Bali for the week. The days are packed full, but I hope to at least take some shots (I know, like I have a shortage of Bali material, right?) Be based in Ubud, but will be covering much of the island. May will be a killer month for me in regards to workload, but the finish line is approaching – for the first time since 2004, I’m going home! (I arrived in 2002, but every summer hasRead more

Google Adsense: Taking the plunge

Since starting this site in 2002, I have never used any sort of advertising, no Amazon referrals, never accepted payment for promoting content, locations, or products of any kind, and have never used text links related to serving myself in any way. Being 2008, I’ve decided to ease into a bit of advertising, utilizing Google Adsense first. I find them to be relatively unobtrusive and quite relevant to the topics I discuss: photography, travel, Indonesia, Bali, technology, blogging. I haveRead more

Traveling to Thailand and Cambodia (and maybe Laos)

After so many years spent having Christmas in Bali (or with Dengue Fever last year) Novita and I have decided to spend two weeks traveling around Thailand and Cambodia. We leave tomorrow for Bangkok. She’s never been, so it should be interesting. I am excited to capture a completely new destination through the lens. We plan to spend a few days in Siem Ream, Cambodia, exploring Angkor Wat (the world’s largest religious monument – build in the 12th century) andRead more