Going to Bali for the week and summer plans

I’ll be in Bali for the week. The days are packed full, but I hope to at least take some shots (I know, like I have a shortage of Bali material, right?)

Be based in Ubud, but will be covering much of the island.

May will be a killer month for me in regards to workload, but the finish line is approaching – for the first time since 2004, I’m going home! (I arrived in 2002, but every summer has been spent traveling to Cape Town, Bali, etc) It’s crazy to see how much ticket prices have raised, as well as gas in the past four years. It’ll be an expensive summer, but hopefully a full two months in the States will help solidify my decision of whether to move back when the time’s right or stay overseas.

The only bummer is that my sister is in Perth, and my brother is making a living in Tokyo. Neither will be able to make it home this summer. On the other hand, my mother lives on a large lake in Tennessee with a few sailboats and plenty of outdoor activities around, so I won’t exactly be miserable. It’ll be nice to return to nature for a while. I’ll also be back in Michigan at my father’s for a while if any of my old buddies are miraculously reading this.

Somehow I have a feeling it won’t be that easy to leave the island life. (feel like a LOST character)

Hope all is well with everyone.