Photo Friday noteworthy

Picked up another ‘PhotoFriday’ noteworthy win with the photo, “Chimera” for the interpretation of “The Extraordinary”. Haven’t been posting much lately since my sister has been in town this week on her way from Australia to the States. She’s leaving today, and will be in the States for a month before heading back to the land Down Under. By the way, this is not why I was so ecstatic the other day. More news about that coming on Monday.Read more

We're off to America

Well, the day is finally upon us. Work is done, and the weight of the past 8 weeks is slowly sliding off my shoulders. We’ll be leaving around midnight for Singapore, then Tokyo, Chicago, and Detroit (will be slightly rough!). Hoping to make it to the Chicago region to see friends, Michigan, Tennessee, and possibly Florida. Unfortunately, my sister is in Australia, and my brother in Tokyo, so we won’t be able to catch up this summer. Might have toRead more