Chimera: Tea Plantations Exposed in the Foreground

Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in. – Ricky Fitts, American Beauty The same image as yesterday, but this was better exposed for the tea plantation in the foreground. I think I like this version much better. I hope to make a 40cm x 60cm print of this later in the week if all goes well. I feel like so much of my time hereRead more


A volcanic journey only hours from my home in Indonesia. The fading sunlight provided only a moment to capture these rays before they gave up the struggle to night. Near Bandung, Indonesia – on the other side of the volcano: Tankuban Perahu. Another couple went with us for a quick escape from the madness of Jakarta; something I highly recommend even on a ‘normal’ weekend. With the worlds’ eyes focusing on Mount Merapi, I’d like to make note that althoughRead more

Mount Merapi

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia – Villagers burned incense and floated offerings to the spirits, hoping to ward off an eruption of Mount Merapi, but activity at the volcano intensified on Monday with one blast sending ash, rock and gases more than two miles down the slope. A scientist warned on Sunday that a growing lava dome could collapse. On Monday, as activity increased, villagers who had not left were told to stand by for possible evacuation and waited in groups byRead more

A Walk in the Clouds

We took a two day stroll in the clouds this weekend. Gunung Gede is one of Java’s highest volcanoes, and my knees will testify to that fact today. I can firmly say that it was one of the most stunning views I’ve ever witnessed. I’ll prepare and share many more photos throughout this week. Consider this a teaser – more to come!Read more

Gunung Gede

In less than 5 hours, I’ll be awaking to the sound of my friend’s horn blaring through my dreams. We’re going to hike the volcano named Gunung Gede this weekend, so I’ll be offline from now until Sunday night. Wish us luck in the potentially hazardous conditions and slippery slopes that forms Java and defines the “Ring of Fire” in its spectacular beauty. 😉Read more