Canon 5D Mark II – My new baby

Canon EOS 5D Mark II: My new baby. Will have to sell my 5D and keep the 40D as a backup. Amazing camera, thoroughly impressed. Played around with ISO 6400, and the full HD movies. That’s a whole new world for me – I have lots to learn. If anyone is interested in my Canon 5D, please email me. I’ll post a proper article soon with pics and more detailed info about the sale. Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM f/3.5Read more

Photographing events and performances at night: low light lenses and fast apertures

I spend quite a lot of time hanging out around “The Piazza” in Kelapa Gading. That’s where my gym is, Starbucks (yeah don’t say it), absurd numbers of restaurants (mourning the loss of my favorite Indian), and two large stages that regularly have Indonesian artists, singers, celebrities, and all sorts of other events on a near daily basis. Since Jakarta’s traffic has become so congested, it’s often easier to motivate myself to hang around here with Novita than it isRead more