The beauty and grace of jellyfish

In the upcoming days, I’ll be posting a few photos of jellyfish that I took this summer. I find them beautiful, and almost zen-like in their movement and grace. It’s quite difficult to capture them in photos – it’s a fine balance between keeping the ISO down so as to avoid noise, keep the shutter speed high enough to stop their movement, and keep the aperture open enough to allow for proper exposure but also provide adequate depth of field.Read more

How to Photograph Lightning

Due to many requests, I’ll share some tips for photographing lightning. Please note there is no ‘one way’ to do it; this is just a jumping point from which you may want to start. This particular photo I took reached the front page of Flickr’s Explore. So what camera and settings did I use? Canon 5D Mark II| Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L | at f/4 for 7 seconds | ISO 100 Stay safe: Ok, this is obvious but still, ifRead more