Banaue boy

I’ve just returned from a week in Banaue in the heart of Luzon. I’ll post more stories and photos soon. — As I hiked up the trail to a waterfall high above the village of Banaue, this young boy jumped up onto a concrete post and just watched me for a moment. I guess we were both equally curious about the others’ activities. After I took the photo, he jumped down and went on his way. The sun’s glare actuallyRead more


Imagine… … strolling through pure white flour, sifting baby powder through your warm toes, or meandering through a path of cocaine* as far as the eye can see. Now, amplify that intensity by adding a dab of blue to the horizon; blue the color of afternoons forever spent on your back massaging shapes from clouds. At first glance you fight back the urge to lay down and lick and lap at what surely must be powdered sugar from Willy Wonka’sRead more

Hong Kong: Skyscrapers, supercars, supermodels and… hiking trails?

I just spent five days in Hong Kong, and was shocked by how it shattered my preconceived notions of what it was all about. Perhaps my perceptions have changed having lived in Jakarta and Manila since 2002, but I had expected something more gritty, more industrial, and definitely less green. I was pleasantly surprised by the bustling city; I found it exciting and cleaner than expected. I was in a conference for half of my stay, so unfortunately didn’t haveRead more