A Change of Pace

Awake. Eat. Read. Swim. Sit in the sun. Read. Go into town. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Now that’s more like it. This is definitely a welcomed change of pace for this Jakartan. My biggest ambition for the day has been to drive anywhere. The house we’re staying in is situated right on the splendid rice fields just outside of Ubud. The only sounds at night are that of the crickets, frogs, and the occasional falling coconut that’ll scare the crap outtaRead more

W.T.C. Guy Does Borobudur Temple

Just a bit of humor to lighten the work week. Ok, so I was using Photoshop to avoid my work week. More can be found here (but not mine). And here’s the true story of the W.T.C. guy in case you’re curious and equally are avoiding your workload. Gunung Gede pics will have to take a backseat to all of my other work for the time being. Sabar sayang! 😉Read more

When the Sun Comes Up

I was going to write about this weekend’s experience, but seeing as Treespotter did such a wonderful job of it, I’ll refer you to this post on his blog. I may still throw my perspectives out there, but he pretty much covers it with style. The sound of progress as concrete poured and metal hammered in place. The huge cranes crawled and spun removing impossible loads. Neon glitters show where things are and hide the uncovered walls. It camouflages darkRead more

My Little Sister Has a Blog

Well – she’s gone and done it. My little sister has made herself a full blown confessional on the web. She’s without a doubt one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Word of warning – she’s not the most timid or reserved of young ladies. She’s studying design in a portfolio school in Atlanta after a failed attempt at living in Shanghai, and now is involved with an internship at a well known graphic design studio in New YorkRead more