When the Sun Comes Up

I was going to write about this weekend’s experience, but seeing as Treespotter did such a wonderful job of it, I’ll refer you to this post on his blog. I may still throw my perspectives out there, but he pretty much covers it with style.

The sound of progress as concrete poured and metal hammered in place. The huge cranes crawled and spun removing impossible loads. Neon glitters show where things are and hide the uncovered walls. It camouflages dark with colours and hides the inconveniences of void. Yet you could see the night all the way to the edge of town.

It makes me think of them kids I saw earlier in the day, what they could be thinking, sleeping in that God-awful place. If they’re still awake, I’m guessing they’re thinking the same thing I was thinking, that there’s a Monday to do when the sun comes up.