Any guesses?

I have started taking more interest in abstract photography. Although I have actually taken many; I’ve displayed very few. That was more of my focus while in university and recently I’ve lost touch with it. I’m bored with my own work and am seeking more experimental perspectives. Here’s my first example of what I’d like to continue to create (attempt at least).

I’ve also come across many prints from Cape Town that have never seen the ‘net. I think I’ll scan and share a few of the better ones. And while I’m at it, perhaps I’ll scan in some of my black and white prints from university – to be continued.

The frigid Atlantic warmed by the welcoming earth forms a blanket of clouds from which the land will sleep. Cape Town, South Africa.

I hope everyone remembers that there are much larger and better quality versions of all of these images in my gallery.

Welcome to the Jungle

Home? Yeah, I’m wondering where that is. Is it Indonesia now? Is it America? Is it Cape Town?

Well, at any rate, I’m back in Jakarta. The Marriot was bombed downtown only days before my return – how’s that for a welcome home! It feels a bit strange knowing that I was eating sushi in that hotel in June! I must be getting used to hearing these events because it didn’t even really surprise me.

I’m buying a car next week, so I’ll be able to get around much better, and hopefully explore Java a bit more.

I have a new roommate – very cool guy. He’s 24, and actually looks a lot like me… many people ask if we’re brothers. It’s interesting to see things from the perspective of being here for a while. I have to help him stay out of trouble… there’s way too many girls here who “just wanna be friends!” or are “in university and need money for books”, or “lost their handphone, can you help?”. My roommate is just like me, in the fact that I’m very attracted to the beautiful girls here, so I have to help him to be careful not to get involved with the wrong crowd.

In some ways, I’m settling in here, and finding myself becoming much more comfortable getting around, speaking, and “fitting in” – well as much as a blonde, blue-eyed guy can here! I hope this year I can find time to travel a bit more, and learn more about life outside of Jakarta. In the meantime, I hope the terrorism doesn’t get much worse, and that I can remain in this gritty, beautiful, corrupt, crazy city.

Sampai besok!

Baboon in the Benz!

Ok, so I drove to the Cape Point today… basically the end of the earth, it’s the farthest point south in Africa, where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic meet. There are many signs around saying, “Do NOT Feed the Animals!”. I noticed there were many baboons – you know the big monkeys with the nasty asses that look as if a 5 pound fissure was cracking open from their anus?

Well, I saw a rather obnoxious baboon trying to steal orange juice from a child, and figured I’d capture it on my video camera. As I was getting the camera out, I felt something soft brush past my leg… and before I knew what was happening, a friggin baboon JUMPED into my Mercedes! I had left the back door open slightly and he just hopped right in. Needless to say, a crowd quickly gathered around my car, laughing, shouting, taking pictures and video.

I’m yelling at the thing to get out of my car – yeah, good idea Brandon – very effective. Then, ANOTHER one jumps in from behind me! So now I have two big ass baboons jumpin around in my car. One in the front, grabbing a cheeseburger, and one in the back, making off with a can of Pringles (chips). I finally back away, and to my relief, they jump out and scamper up the nearby hill. As all the tourists are laughing, I’m thinkin, “Well at least they can’t open the chips!”, and of course, the baboon sits down on his festering rump, and pops open the can of chips as if it’s an everyday occurrence! The other one is leisurely consuming my cheeseburger – the only lunch I was to have – while I just gaze in awe at what just happened.

So, next time you watch, “Wild Vacation Videos” or something similar, and witness a distraught American guy yelling at two baboons in a Mercedes, please think of me…

Reverse Culture Shock

I am still in Cape Town, South Africa – and will be for another two weeks. I haven’t written anything cause being in front of a computer is the LAST thing I feel like doing while I’m in such a beautiful place! I’ve been out hiking, getting lost, eating ostrich, adjusting to driving on the left side of the road, waking up without an alarm, reading, taking photos, and enjoying life away from Indonesia. Unlike December, there’s not a whole lot that I miss of Java from being away. I suppose that’s a sign that I’m not ready to go back yet… good thing I still have two weeks left!

Even though there’s a chill in the air, at least we’ve had bright sunshine most of the days. Instead of renting a car, a friend let me use his Mercedes – a much nicer option. So, life is great – and I still am drawn to this vibrant city… I’m not sure when, but I’m sure I’ll find my way here eventually as a home.

I hope to have some great photos to share upon my return.