Quiet in Kuta, Ubud is a Mood

Foreword: As many of you may have noticed, my site was down for about 5 days! I’ve never had that happen, but there was a ‘miscommunication’ with my web host. I won’t vent my frustrations now, but I apologize for that happening. In three years time, that’s never happened. It should be fine now. …… Well after one of the worst landings of my life (on Adam Air), we arrived in Bali. When the plane hit the ground, I literallyRead more

Off to Bali!

Yet again, I’m off to the island of Bali. It feels as if it’s becoming a bit of a third ‘home’ in some sense. I’ll be there for three weeks, so my posting may be rather sporadic for a while. I’ll still be checking email and posting (hopefully) a few times a week. I really hope to focus on capturing even more of this magical island and its vibrant culture through the lens. Wish me luck! And in response toRead more


Well, we’ve decided to use our 3 weeks of vacation in Bali – yet again. We’ll leave this Saturday, the 17th. After much thought and discussion, I think it makes the most sense this time. As I mentioned last month, we were thinking of trying to get to Cambodia, Vietnam, and/or Thailand, but I just feel that three weeks isn’t quite long enough for such an undertaking – plus, it makes more sense to wait until I’m ready to leaveRead more