A Day in the Life of a Bajaj Driver

The Bajaj is a three wheeled vehicle made in India and used throughout Jakarta. They can technically fit two adults in the backseat, although I’d consider it punishment to attempt three. For about 50 cents you can get around for a couple of kilometers – the distance many people need throughout the day, or grabbing some groceries. Cheap, exceedingly noisy, and completely uncomfortable, they’re the staple of many people’s transportation – or at least those that cannot pay for aRead more

Blogging Bits: Flickr vs. WordPress vs. RSS?

I had no idea so many of you were viewing the blog via RSS, but it seems that the general consensus is that I have two separate groups of visitors – those that check out the blog and those that drop into Flickr. I’m guessing the Flickr community most likely doesn’t view the blog too often and now I see that many of you visit the blog and not Flickr – therefore, I will start posting more of ‘everything’ onRead more


Here’s a question for you. How often do those of you who drop by this site view my flickr site as well? If not too often, I’d prefer to start posting most of the images here on a regular basis, as many of my photos never make it to the blog to avoid redundancy. I also have tried to keep most of the photos on this blog on topic with Indonesia rather than posting my “other” types of photography. WouldRead more